3D Printing Solutions

3D Printing Solutions

The solution enables high-precision multi-material jetting, opening up new opportunities for 3D printing in various industries. Mix materials on a voxel-by-voxel basis for advanced optics, 3D electronics or microsystems technologies. An open platform based on 3D printing that gives you full control over the 3D printing process. Choose one or more materials from our material partners, or use your own. We will help you choose the right print head and post-processing, and provide you with an integrated industrial solution for producing 3D parts.

Process field

  • Advanced Optics
  • Biomedical
  • Aerospace
  • National Defense Technology
  • Precision parts
  • auto parts
  • Prototype mold
  • Hybrid manufacturing
  • electronic consumer goods
  • Wearable device
  • 3D Conformal Sensors and Antennas
main feature
  • Multi-material printing
  • Printing on high viscosity materials
  • Support all major manufacturers' print heads
  • Ink viewing system & ink drop formation analysis
  • Full control over printing parameters
  • Open interface: accept various external image segmentation software
  • Alternative inert gas atmospheres
custom process
  • Custom Processes for Great 3D Printed Parts
  • Customize the type and number of printheads
  • UV pinning and curing lamps that best match the material
  • Supports Xaar, Konica-Minolta, Fujifilm and Ricoh printheads
  • Process scale-up support from experienced concept process engineers
Example: Optical Lens

Using this solution to produce optical lenses is more cost-effective than producing lenses with traditional manufacturing processes. The additive manufacturing process saves more than 30 production steps and reduces scrap by up to 90%.

Open Collaborative Network

Our collaboration with leading printhead manufacturers and material suppliers continues to expand the range of processes for inkjet printing in 3D printing. Jetting materials that have never been jetted before are used to print parts with final part properties that set new standards in material jetting, becoming part of our open, collaborative platform/network to enable your 3D printing applications together.

Application scenarios