Ink and liquids

Ink and liquids

In order to enable customers (OEMs and end-users) to choose the ink or liquid that best suits their application and business needs, the widest range of ink/liquids from all print head manufacturers has been uated and approved。

We collaborate with leading ink manufacturers to develop and approve the widest range of compatible ink products specifically designed for their print heads. These collaborations provide a complete range of high-performance inks that have been optimized for use in a wide range of applications that require excellent printing quality, printing performance, and overall printer performance。​

We are still at the forefront of developing inkjet as an advanced manufacturing process. This is a challenging field where we work closely with professional partners to develop liquids that strike a balance between functionality and spray performance while meeting the expected reliability levels in high-tech industrial environments。

All certified inks have undergone a liquid optimization process and have the following characteristics:

  • A new analytical technique to determine the complex rheological properties of liquids. Identify potential causes of poor performance, provide restructuring guidance to improve printing performance and printer operation
  • Material compatibility and lifespan testing: Material compatibility testing uates the effectiveness of liquids on printhead building materials, as well as the effectiveness of printhead materials on liquids. The lifespan test determines the robustness of the liquid by combining the print head and waveform. The combination of these tests can verify the long-term compatibility between the liquid and the print head
  • Waveform optimization: Developed waveform and temperature compensation algorithms for situations that require liquid/print head combinations to ensure higher ink droplet drop accuracy, optimized working voltage, printing reliability, and higher production capacity
  • Reliability testing: Use optimized waveform/temperature compensation algorithms to simulate the performance of liquids and print heads. This technology verifies the consistency and reliability of liquids after a year of extensive use
  • Guarantee: Certified ink guarantees that it will not cause long-term damage to the print head. This ensures that the liquid is confirmed, recognized, and optimized to provide unparalleled printing performance and trouble free operation. This guarantee makes the optimized liquid stand out from other non guaranteed liquids。​

Related businesses of color materials and functional materials

The nanoscale dispersion technology accumulated in the manufacturing process of inks and coatings has far exceeded the purpose of coloring, and has been applied in various applications such as liquid dispersions for color filters in liquid crystal displays, photoresist inks, and carbon nanotubes。

Pigments and pigment dispersions Main uses
Pigments and pigment dispersions Main uses

Organic pigments can not only be used for coloring various printing inks, coatings, and plastics, but also for various purposes that require color, such as cosmetics, toner for color reproduction, and ink for inkjet printers. Based on the color scheme and dispersion that are suitable for the intended use, we provide a rich range of categories such as weather resistance, heat resistance, and safety according to the product's chemical sequence and purpose, providing support for a colorful lifestyle.


Printing ink

Automotive exterior wall paint

Colorants for plastics

Functional dispersion Main uses
Functional dispersion Main uses

Functional materials refer to materials that possess physical and chemical properties such as optics, conductivity, and thermal conductivity, and can perform various functions. They are widely used in various products in our daily lives。 Generally speaking, functional materials exert their functions by coating on the surface or interface of the structure, or by mixing, dispersing, and other means. In order to achieve product improvement towards lighter, thinner, and higher performance, advanced dispersion technology is essential。


Secondary battery

Colorants for color filters Main uses
Colorants for color filters Main uses

The color filter material used for flat panel TVs, computers, smartphones, etc. is a key component of FPD (Flat Panel Display) for color reproduction. In recent years, in addition to liquid crystals, they have also been widely used in various flat panel applications such as electronic paper and organic EL. Fully leverage the technological advantages of our company's ability to develop and produce high-performance pigments in a one-stop manner, ultimately leading to the development of color anti dyeing agents (corrosion-resistant inks), and contribute to further improving the versatility and performance of color displays。


Flat panel TV

image sensor

Colorants for plastics Main uses
Colorants for plastics Main uses

Colorants provide color and functionality for various plastic products in our daily lives. Not only can the beautiful "decoration" convey a sense of luxury and thickness, but colors can also be distinguished according to the purpose, making a contribution to "recognition". At the same time, colors are effectively applied to block ultraviolet rays and prevent internal material aging for the purpose of "interior material protection". In addition, through our company's independently developed additive and dispersion technologies, we can also provide products with various functions such as conductivity and heat transfer。




OA equipment · electrical appliances

ink-jet ink Main uses
ink-jet ink Main uses

In addition to its comparable image quality and printing adaptability to flatbed printing, digital printing characterized by on-demand printing, feasibility, and personalization is not only traditional commercial printing, but can also be used for a wider range of applications such as flexible packaging, food labels, paper packaging, and cardboard boxes. Using exclusive dispersion technology and ink color matching technology to provide a new inkjet ink solution for various purposes。


Cartons, labels


On demand printing(POD)

Packaging related businesses

In the packaging manufacturing process closely related to people's lives, we provide a variety of high-performance products. Especially in the pursuit of peace of mind and safety in the field of food packaging, it has promoted the development of water-based and solvent-free inks and adhesives. In addition, in order to break free from dependence on oil and achieve sustainable social development, we are also taking the lead in developing biomass products in the same industry。

Gravure ink Main uses
Gravure ink Main uses

Widely used in various fields such as packaging, decorative materials, industrial components, etc., led by food. In terms of food packaging applications, we can provide various environmentally friendly products that pursue safety and reassurance, including water-based and solvent-free products that effectively utilize biomass raw materials. In the fields of decorative materials and industrial components, there is a rich range of products with special functions to choose from。


Food packaging

Decorative materials

Industrial components

Flexographic ink Main uses
Flexographic ink Main uses

Aniline printing ink, like stamping, uses flexible resin plates to print on substrates, so it can also achieve good printing reproducibility on substrates with low surface smoothness such as cardboard boxes, fabrics, and non-woven fabrics. The clever combination of high-precision plate making technology and water-based ink, as a solution aimed at saving resources and energy in the field of film packaging, is currently highly anticipated。


Various film packaging


Paper packaging materials

Printing and information related businesses

This is the starting point of the group's business and also one of the important foundational undertakings. Fully leveraging the advantages of a one-stop production system from pigments and resins as raw materials to the final product, while developing environmentally friendly products and high-performance UV inks, we also provide solutions to help customers achieve printing process standardization.

Offset printing ink Main uses<
Offset printing ink Main uses

Printing, as the main medium for information transmission, plays an indispensable role in people's lives. Among them, offset printing ink can achieve efficient printing of images and text with rich expressive power, and is widely used in the printing of newspapers, flyers, books, etc. Provide new value for information transmission media through more aesthetically pleasing presentation techniques and faster printing products and technologies。




Books and magazines

UV cured ink Main uses
UV cured ink Main uses

UV (ultraviolet) cured ink will solidify into a film in a very short time under the irradiation of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, it can enter the post-processing process without going through the drying process. Due to its high production efficiency, demand has been increasing in recent years. In addition, as ink does not contain solvent components, it is an environmentally friendly ink that does not produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs)。


commercial press

Paper packaging materials

Stickers, labels

Screen printing ink Main uses
Screen printing ink Main uses

Due to its ability to print on multiple substrates, it can be used for applications with high added value that cannot be achieved by other printing methods. Dedicated to developing functional inks for products with varying tactile sensations such as "dry" and "wet", as well as specialized in the field of electronic products。



electronic product