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about us

Inkjet Research Institute It is based on "Research on Innovation-Driven Strategic Emphasis and Innovative National Construction", "Research on Information Economy Development" and "Research on Strategic Emerging Industry Development" in the Outline of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China The established high-tech R&D institution integrating R&D and equipment in the field of semiconductor applications is a high-tech R&D institution in the industrial chain. In the next 5-10 years, we will focus on semiconductor components, nanomaterials, biosynthesis, 3D printing, MEMS micro- We are deeply involved in high-precision fields such as electromechanical systems, optoelectronic displays, and integrated circuits, and take the realization of Made in China 2025 as our mission. Based on the industry, we are as solid as a rock, and help traditional institutions and high-precision industries achieve efficient and intelligent digital transformation and upgrading. At present, the institution is in a stage of rapid development, and it is necessary to further implement effective resource integration, insist on continuous innovation, and strive to achieve a new round of leaps and bounds for the institution.

The research institute was established in 2016 and is located in the Chongqing Xiantao International Data Center. It is a comprehensive high-tech institution that specializes in providing core inkjet printing systems and automatic development of complete machine equipment around the application field of spray printing. And functional material spraying process application field to provide a full range of technical services and solutions.

We have been focusing on the system integration research and development of digital inkjet printing for five years. The software and hardware systems involve semiconductor components, electronic circuits, optoelectronic displays, biosynthesis, 3D printing, pattern anti-counterfeiting, variable data, nanomaterials and other high-tech, high-tech In the sophisticated industry, as an expert in the field of industrial inkjet printing, we not only provide the design, production and system integration of inkjet printing systems, but also represent/sell the world's top printing devices, drive control, system components, fluid materials and other excellent products and accessories. Services, especially in the field of advanced manufacturing, have relatively successful application cases, and have always maintained a high occupancy rate of new technologies and high-quality services. Our technical team is good at control development, electronic circuits, software open source, image algorithms, color management, ink dot control, fluid testing, and after-sales maintenance. We are committed to meeting the various application development needs of customers and contributing to the inkjet printing business. Provides extensive support.

The organization has a core R&D team of nearly 30 people, with an annual turnover of more than 200 million yuan. In hardware research and development, we combine printing technology with hardware platforms to provide original equipment manufacturing institutions with various application development and integration of commercial machine system equipment solutions , to assist domestic institutions to manufacture more advanced industrial digital spray printing equipment. Over the years, we have insisted on the drive of innovation, focusing on adjusting the structure, turning methods, strengthening the foundation, and increasing capabilities, focusing on the development of software and hardware products for monochrome and multi-color inkjet printing systems, and providing flexible, scalable, and customizable inkjet printing. System solutions apply various inkjet print heads and drive devices to various high-precision manufacturing processes, helping traditional and non-traditional institutions to digitally upgrade and achieve rapid commercialization.

In order to continuously improve the innovation ability and core competitiveness of the institution, we take the application of printing materials as the traction, and strengthen the R&D layout of software and hardware technology development and application product development by building a research and development platform, aggregating innovative resources, gathering outstanding talents, and realizing the transformation from spray printing to printing. Process application mining-development integration-industrial automation-sales supply is the connection of the whole value chain. Inkjet print heads and driving devices are high-tech products that have played a synergistic effect after the fusion of technical crystallization in multiple fields, and their unique product characteristics can provide more possibilities for printing.

As one of the technology and trade pioneers in the inkjet printing business, we are determined to become a leading system integration developer in the application field of functional materials in China, helping personalized inkjet printing and traditional printing institutions to carry out digital iterations, and realizing China's spray printing market. Ideas for future development.

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company culture

Company Vision More possibilities for functional materials through digital inkjet printing technology

Company mission Focus on the challenges and pressures of advanced manufacturing customers, provide inkjet printing solutions and services with core competitiveness, and continue to create maximum value for customers.

core value Lifelong dedication to the complete realization of digital technology in China

company spirit Achievement of customers, hard work, self-criticism, open-mindedness, sincerity and trustworthiness, teamwork

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