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About Us

Inkjet Research Institute It is a high-tech R&D institution in the industrial chain integrating R&D and equipment in the semiconductor application field set up according to the "Research on Innovation driven Strategic Priorities and Innovative National Construction", "Research on Information Economy Development", and "Research on the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries" in the 13th Five Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China. The institution, together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Advanced Research, Shanghai Institute of Micro technology Industry, Micro nano Automation Research Institute, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Chongqing University, Jiangnan University and other heavyweight institutions, will industrialize advanced R&D and spare no effort to develop the world's leading digital inkjet printing system and complete machine equipment manufacturing. In the next 5-10 years, we will focus on semiconductor components, nanomaterials, biosynthesis, 3D printing, MEMS MEMS MEMS, photoelectric display, integrated circuit and other high-accuracy and cutting-edge fields are deeply cultivated, with the mission of achieving Made in China 2025, based on industry and firm as a rock, to help traditional institutions and high-accuracy and cutting-edge industries achieve efficient, intelligent, digital transformation and upgrading. At present, the institution is in a rapid development stage and needs to further implement effective resource integration, adhere to continuous innovation, and strive to achieve a new round of leapfrogging for the institution.

The research institute was established in 2016 and is located at the Xiantao International Data Center in Chongqing. It is a comprehensive high-tech institution that specializes in providing core inkjet printing systems and equipment automation development and integration in the field of spray printing applications. It provides comprehensive technical services and solutions for digital inkjet printing and functional material spraying process applications.

We have been focusing on the system integration research and development of digital inkjet printing for five years. Our software and hardware systems involve various high-tech and high-precision industries such as semiconductor components, electronic circuits, optoelectronic displays, biosynthesis, 3D printing, pattern anti-counterfeiting, variable data, nanomaterials, etc. As experts in the field of industrial inkjet printing, we not only provide the design, production, and system integration of inkjet printing systems, but also represent/sell excellent products and supporting services such as global top printing devices, drive controls, system components, fluid materials, etc. We have had successful application cases in the advanced manufacturing industry and have always maintained a high occupancy rate and high-quality service of new technologies. Our technical team is proficient in control development, electronic circuits, software open-source, image algorithms, color management, ink point control, fluid testing, and after-sales maintenance. We are committed to meeting the various application development needs of our customers and providing extensive support for the inkjet printing industry.

The core R&D team of the institution consists of nearly 30 people, with an annual revenue of over 200 million yuan. In terms of hardware research and development, we combine printing technology with hardware platforms to provide various application development integrated commercial whole machine system equipment solutions for original equipment manufacturing institutions, and assist domestic institutions in producing and manufacturing more advanced industrial digital spray printing equipment. For several years, we have adhered to the drive of innovation, focusing on adjusting the structure, transforming the mode, strengthening the foundation, and enhancing capabilities. We have focused on developing software and hardware products for monochrome and multi-color inkjet printing systems, providing flexible, scalable, and customizable inkjet printing system solutions. We have applied various types of inkjet printing heads and driver components to various high-precision and cutting-edge processes, helping traditional and non-traditional institutions to digitize upgrades and achieve rapid commercialization.

To continuously enhance the innovation capability and core competitiveness of institutions, we take the application of printing materials as the driving force. By building a research and development platform, aggregating innovative resources, and gathering outstanding talents, we strengthen the research and development layout of software and hardware technology development integration and application product development, achieving a full value chain connection from application mining, development integration, industrial automation, to sales and supply in the spray printing process. Inkjet printing heads and driver components are high-tech products that combine technology from multiple fields and exert synergistic effects. Their unique product characteristics can provide more possibilities for printing.

As one of the technology and trade pioneers in the inkjet printing industry, we aspire to become a leading system integration developer in the field of functional material applications in China, helping personalized inkjet printing and traditional printing institutions to digitize and iterate, and realizing the vision of the Chinese spray printing market for future development.

Cultural concepts

corporate culture

Company Vision Using digital inkjet printing technology to increase the possibilities of functional materials

Company Mission Focusing on the challenges and pressures of advanced manufacturing customers, providing core competitive inkjet printing solutions and services, and continuously creating maximum value for customers.

Core values Dedicated a lifetime to the complete realization of digital technology in China

Corporate Spirit Customer achievement, hard work, self-criticism, openness and progress, sincerity and trustworthiness, and teamwork

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