Technical Support

Technical Support

From new ideas to final integration, we help you through the product development lifecycle with jetting solutions that are right for you. Quality is at the heart of every product and is achieved through teamwork - our team and yours, custom tools, core technology and exceptional service.

From selecting the right printhead, ink and jetting technology, to ink/fluid development, optimization and new dispensing methods, we will guide you through the deceptively simple realm of jetting.

Start by understanding and uating your production process and technical needs. We apply science, engineering and manufacturing experience to recommend a solution that balances your needs, cost and lead time. Then put the plan into action to achieve your goals. We can provide solutions from idea to integration, and anything in between.

Our R&D team has a deep understanding of past, present and future industrial inkjet printheads and applications, and works closely with printhead, driver, and various system manufacturers to help customers realize the benefits of continuously evolving technology , supply products to the market and provide technical support.

Customer Support

Pairs you with our account managers, project managers to print and test components in detail and ensure they meet the required quality and characteristics. We will review your manufacturing process, binder type, forming media, etc. to provide the best core product and printing technical support based on your requirements for finished product characteristics. We also have customer service staff on call to answer questions about on-demand parts orders or printer maintenance. We take the customer experience seriously and work closely with you every step of the way, from initial R&D/prototype to production manufacturing to your next-generation system.

Training guidance

Our dedicated support team is on hand to serve our premium customer base. Not only are they highly skilled, but they also work closely with the inkjet experts in our State Key Laboratory, whether it's onsite support or remote support you need, we'll do our best to get the job done. Training and support are important to you and therefore important to us. Our dedicated team of technical support and application engineers provides the broad knowledge you need to cover printheads, drive controls, ink supply systems and other system support for increasingly complex industrial printing systems from development to production.

  • Full extended support
  • fast response time
  • Application and Industry Expertise
  • Industry expertise and local presence
  • Dedicated team
  • Multiple exposure levels
  • Personalized approach

Project Delivery

We work with you to ensure a smooth and efficient solution delivery and component/module installation process. Our R&D department and project team can answer any questions you may have about the project after delivery, providing fast and accurate information at all stages. Once the product arrives, our high-quality service team will work with you to complete the efficient installation and commissioning on site to achieve the service level you need.

After-sales maintenance

Our hardware after-sales maintenance support keeps machines performing consistently over time. We manage and maintain according to relevant testing and product usage record specifications to maintain our high quality production standards. With regular maintenance, any wear and tear can be identified in advance, recorded and immediately corrected as needed.

If you need on-site technical service personnel, we will provide business support 8 hours a day as needed. In our relationship with you, we match you with the right team members based on your system needs and develop response times that are right for your business.

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