Development Process

Development Process

Our process and engineering teams, with decades of expertise, scale up inkjet processes for functional materials to industrial production levels. We are able to support the highest demands of end users and partners in all aspects of the development of the printing process: the integrated development of inkjet printheads, fluid materials, substrates, drives, recirculating ink supply, motion control and all associated mating.

Applied Services:
Process development service flow for new applications:
  • craft concept
  • market research
  • Compatibility test
  • Inkjet print head selection service
  • Drive electronics selection or development services
  • Ink selection or development services
  • Other inkjet tool selection or development services
  • input budget assessment
  • Standard parts purchase
  • Parts Design and Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Assembly drawings and processing
  • Jet printing process development
  • Jet printing process development
  • Pre-processing and post-processing support
  • Process technology training
  • Machine equipment stability test
  • commercial production
  • System guidance training

We support optimizing your process and fine-tuning the various mating relationships between substrates, inks, printheads and applications.

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