Recruitment positions

Recruitment positions

Recruitment positions

Job vacancies

1. 1 Marketing Supervisor

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for receiving customer orders and creating sales contracts;

2. Responsible for tracking and processing daily orders;

3. Responsible for managing the input of the account sales module;

4. Responsible for verifying accounts receivable and payable with customers;

5. Responsible for the statistics and other related sales data of the department;

6. Responsible for customer maintenance, responding to and resolving related issues raised by customers;

7. Responsible for the management, classification, organization, filing, and safekeeping of company sales contracts and other documents and materials;

8. Assist the department manager in handling other related work affairs.

Job requirements:

1. No major restrictions, full-time undergraduate degree or above, with at least three years of relevant work experience; 

2. Proficient in using Office software and ERP software; 

3. Has a strong sense of responsibility and execution ability, and has a good teamwork spirit;

4. Work diligently and meticulously, work diligently and strive for progress.

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2. Algorithm Engineer

Job Description:

1. The working environment operating system is Windows

2. Working language C # or C++

3. Processing related to graphics and images

4. Experience with network printer drivers

Job Description:

1. Master's degree (more than 1 year of work experience), Bachelor's degree (more than 2 years of work experience)

2. Solid theoretical and practical foundation in C/C++; Priority given to C # work experience

3. Priority will be given to those who have studied computer graphics or image processing algorithms,

4. Priority given to understanding the underlying network protocols of TCPIP

5. Priority given to those with relevant work experience in SNMP and MIB for network printers

6. Priority given to those with relevant work experience in Windows underlying drivers, such as USB, PCIE, etc

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3. Account Manager

Job Description:

1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of company products

2. Complete sales targets according to marketing plan

3. Explore new markets, develop new customers, and increase product sales scope

4. Responsible for collecting market information and analyzing competitors in the jurisdiction

5. Manage and maintain customer relationships as well as long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers


1. Higher vocational education or above, fluent in speech

2. No gender limit, accepting outstanding fresh graduates

3. Quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and interpersonal skills, and affinity

4. Good customer service awareness

5. Has a sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, strong ability to withstand pressure

Additional explanation:

1. With onboarding training, low industry competition, and broad prospects

2. In the later stage, it can be developed in terms of technology and after-sales service

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