Semiconductor Inkjet Solutions

Semiconductor Inkjet Solutions

The solution offers a broad range of front- and back-end processes in the semiconductor industry, the platform features integrated edge-processing capabilities for any substrate type or wafer size, integration with MES systems (SECS-GEM) and the latest pre-processing and post-processing module. Our nozzle replacement approach and complete process control increase throughput and process stability. The system can be combined with a high-precision dispensing unit, further expanding the window of processable materials within the same platform.

Process field

  • Photoresist (photoresist) printing
  • Deposition of sensor active ink
  • Chip packaging
  • Printing of dielectrics, conductive agents, resists, adhesives
main features
  • High Precision Inkjet Printing
  • Better than 5 micron drop accuracy
  • high uniformity
  • Use up to 8 different liquids in one printing process
  • Can support different brands of industrial inkjet printheads
Availability & Maintenance

The system platform has solutions for a variety of applications. Our printing strategy increases platform availability and process throughput by minimizing the need for manual intervention or manual mechanical alignment of the printhead. Our field-proven advanced sprinkler maintenance system increases platform uptime. Without direct contact with the nozzle area, it can improve ink jet stability and prolong the life of the print head. Our automatic nozzle calibration and advanced nozzle replacement strategies give you complete process control and reliable print results.

Automation & Process Integration

With optional wafer handling capabilities, the platform can also handle substrates of different sizes, and can be equipped with additional pre-processing and post-processing stations to provide an integrated solution for your process requirements:

  • Cassette motion robotic arm including wafer mapping and pre-calibration
  • Plasma cleaning, hot plate, UV curing and more

Application scenarios