application area

application area

From the most vibrant and textured tiles to the smallest and most complex printing processes, our digital inkjet printing technology is significantly changing printing processes in important fields such as textiles, graphics, packaging, additive manufacturing, biomedical, optoelectronic displays, semiconductors, and more。

We cooperate with multiple domestic and foreign companies active in the inkjet industry. To respect confidentiality, only a very limited number of projects are displayed。

3D printing


Using robots for direct shape inkjet printing

Feasibility study on a new dielectric droplet assembly process for passive radio frequency identification (RFID)

The Application of Electron Beam in Digital Printing

Bracket printing

Multifunctional structure

DCHVA Switzerland

Digital Plasma

Chip laboratory for Gram staining

Complex fluid printing


Ink jet straightness sensing

3D Printing food to enhance the nutrition of hospitalized patients in children's hospitals: a study exploring possibilities

Printing of chocolate microstructure and edible decorations

Research on Large format Inkjet Printing of Composite Plates for Marine Environment

Full printing motor

Inkjet printing of solar cells on flexible substrates