Digital droplet inkjet printing technology is used in various advanced manufacturing and general industries. We provide professional, flexible and scalable "core" integrated solutions that can expand the inkjet process of functional materials to industrial production levels.

Droplet inkjet printing technology to replace the traditional spray printing application process solution

Organic electroluminescent materials, displays, flexible displays, fluorescent anti-labels and other applications.

Tissue engineering, drug microspheres, water-in-oil, biochemical sensors, biochips, single cells, etc.

Functional fluids required in 3D printing and advanced manufacturing for prototyping and other uses.

Flexible printed electronics, EUV light source tin droplet generator, chip packaging, sensors, 3D microstructures, etc.

In the field of PCB, inkjet technology is still developing continuously, and the production speed and pass rate of inkjet technology have become the mainstream factors affecting PCB printing.

Direct structuring and inkjet printing on complex shapes requires an understanding of ink and substrate combinations, as well as the need for precise droplet performance and control.

It is suitable for variable digital and printed matter detection, tobacco packaging, alcohol packaging, pharmaceutical food packaging, lottery tickets, tickets, bills and other variable data fields.

The solution enables high-precision multi-material jetting, printing of sensors, chip packaging, dielectrics, conductive agents, resists, adhesives