development tools

We provide optimization tools and services for print reliability analysis and printhead uation, including DEMO prototypes, print modules, RIP software, circulating ink supply systems, circulating cleaning systems, ink drop observation systems, curing and drying systems, visual inspection systems, High-performance components and tools for your development conditions, including plasma cleaning systems, print quality analysis systems, and more.

development tools

XYPrint Systems


Industrial Inkjet's XYPrint systems are complete high precision inkjet systems ideal for process development, print research, direct product decoration, material deposition/additive manufacturing and low volume production. Use Konica Minolta inkjet printheads for the highest accuracy, repeatability and reliability, designed to cover the widest possible range of process parameters.
They provide full flexible control of printhead settings, printing parameters and ink drying/curing combined with high speed, high precision
exercise. As standard, they come with a simple syringe-based ink system that quickly changes ink types and minimizes ink waste.

  • XYPrint100
  • XYPrint300Scaled



Good jetting performance is only half of the development process; you still have to see how all the parts fit together with a good old-fashioned printed image. Learn how optimized jetting works on different pretreatments, substrates, curing methods, and more by printing samples with the JetXpert print station.

  • JetXpert-Roll-to-Rol...


Versatile laboratory inkjet printing equipment with high flexibility and precision, suitable for your various functional material applications, especially for laboratories and development solutions where there is no solution. From fast to slow, from small to large, from one to multiple nozzles, UV or infrared curing and drying are optional. We always support you, introduce new processes and upgrades for you with the highest precision and commitment.


An open platform that provides various process parameters
Can iterate from R&D development to full-time industrial production
Wide range of possible applications - compatible with drives from all leading manufacturers
Configurable with printheads and ink materials from different leading manufacturers
Up to four different printheads per configuration
High-precision mechanism design, automatic calibration function: including nozzle calibration and nozzle replacement strategy
Clear Graphical User Interface

Optional items
Built-in UV curing printing
Built-in NIR sintering (Near Infrared Sintering System)
Built-in Plasma (plasma cleaning system)
Adjustable nozzle angle
Six-axis and above rotating platform
Printing platform temperature control 0-60°C
Environmental Control: Temperature and Humidity
Droplet observation system (very compact and highly integrated measurement system in real production environment, droplet measurement under different process conditions helps to optimize inkjet process, fluid formulation and overall system performance)

  • LAB-JET01


The Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP) is a desktop (benchtop), laboratory material deposition system with micron-level accuracy designed to micro-spray a variety of functional fluids onto virtually any surface, including plastics, glass, ceramics and silicon, and from flexible substrates such as films, gels, and films.


Flat substrate, xyz three-axis stage, inkjet deposition system
Low-Cost, User-Refillable Piezo Inkjet Cartridges
Built-in droplet ejection observation system
Calibration camera for substrate alignment and measurement
PC controlled variable jetting resolution and pattern creation with Graphical User Interface (GUI) application software
Capable of jetting a variety of fluid materials
Heated vacuum platform
Cartridge Cleaning Station
Included software

  • DMP-2850


The multi-nozzle MEMS printhead developed by Scrona AG has an ultra-high print resolution capability of better than 1µm, and this R&D tool is suitable for advanced experimental development in various fields of micro-nano manufacturing and digital additive manufacturing.


Advantages of EHD High Resolution Printing
Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) printing is a new high-resolution printing technology that enables maskless, direct write, 3D printing, contactless, conformal, and buildup at the nanometer level using a variety of ink systems and materials manufacture.
Its printing resolution surpasses traditional inkjet technology by two to three orders of magnitude, paving the way for additive build-up printing to enter applications based on lithography micro-processes, and also enables new equipment composed of nano-scale structural parts. become possible.
EHD printing is used to replace established subtractive processes, reducing waste and energy consumption while making electronics production more ecological and economical.

  • n.jet EHD
n.jet EHD